Business/Sales Tax Licensing, Contractor Registration & Shuttle Registration

Business/Sales Tax License and Contractor Registration Application & Renewal Process

License applications are submitted through the City's online Licensing portal using the Business/Sales Tax License and Contractor Registration Application link. If you are an existing license holder, please contact our office to retrieve a renewal code.

2021 Shuttle Registration Application

Applications may also be submitted at the City Clerk’s Office located at 201 Selak Street, Black Hawk, Colorado.

Application Submission & Payment


Service fee applies.

Submit completed application to the City Clerk’s Office and pay the required License Fee and Occupational Tax.

Application, Business License Fee, and Occupational Tax payments may be submitted directly to the City Clerk’s Office at PO Box 68, 201 Selak Street, Black Hawk, CO 80422.

Paper applications may also be submitted to and fees can be paid online using the City’s GovPay service.

Who needs a Business License?

Every person must obtain a license from the City before operating, conducting, or carrying on any retail trade, profession, or business within the City limits. This may include businesses whose physical business location is outside of the City.

Business License Categories

The following business categories are identified by the Black Hawk Municipal Code. License fees are determined by the category of business/registration and can be found on the Business License Application.

Business License Categories:

1. Business License
2. Business/Lodging License
3. Business/Sales Tax License
4. Business/Shuttle Registration
5. Business/Contractor Registration:
    Commercial or
    Residential (Two category options)
    - Building Permit Required (subject to fees)
    - No Building Permit Required (license fee waived)

Business License Renewal

Business Licenses expire on January 1 of each year.  Renewal notices will go out to current business license holders no later than December 4, 2015.

Occupational Taxes

Your business owes Occupation Tax if:

  • Your business has a physical presence (store front) within City limits;
  • Your business does not have a physical presence in town, but owns tangible real or personal property within the City limits such as vending machines, leased property, or shuttle stops;
  • Your business operates a route delivery to residential areas which sell and deliver food, goods, or services at retail prices directly to residences within the City limits; and/or
  • Your business has direct selling agents going from house to house, place to place, or in or along the streets within the City selling or offering for sale at retail prices any goods, wares or merchandise, service, or anything of value in the possession of the direct selling agent.

Specific Occupational Tax categories and applicable fees can also be found on the Business License Application.


Adult Book Store/Pawnbroker



Amusement/Games of Skill (owners, suppliers and or lessors)

Per machine (non-casino machines, i.e. pool tables, etc.)


Asphalt/Concrete Production






Bank/Financial Institution/Lender



Barbershop/Spa/Beauty Salon



Commercial Rental Unit

Base tax
Per unit


Country Club



Direct Selling Agent

Per person/per quarter/per year
Per person/per calendar year



Dry Cleaning



Golf Course



Home Occupation



Junk/Used Parts Dealers



Kennel/Groomer/Pet Shop/Vet




H/R (Beer/Wine/Spirituous Liquors)
H/R (Beer and Wine)
Tavern/Gaming Tavern     (Beer/Wine/Spirituous Liquors)
Retail Stores/Drugstores (Beer/Wine/Spirituous Liquors)
3.2% Beer off premises
3.2% Beer on premises






less than 25 rooms
26-50 rooms
51-100 rooms
>100 rooms


Massage Parlors



Motion Picture Theater



Parking Lots

less than 10 vehicles
11-25 vehicles
26-40 vehicles
41-60 vehicles
61-90 vehicles
>90 vehicles


Race Track



Residential Route Delivery




less than 10 seating capacity
11-25 seating capacity
26-50 seating capacity
51-100 seating capacity
>100 seating capacity
Drive-in Service


Travel Agency



Vending Machine Operator

Per machine


None of the Above – default



Contact Information

Melissa Greiner, CMC
City Clerk/Administrative Services Director
(303) 582-2292

Michele Martin, CMC
Deputy City Clerk
(303) 582-2221

Mailing Address:
PO Box 68, Black Hawk, CO 80422

Physical Address:
201 Selak Street
Black Hawk, CO 80422

Phone: (303) 582-5221
Fax: (303) 582-0429