The Prospects: A Vision with a Clear Future

While Black Hawk thoughtfully preserves its past, the City’s leadership, business community and residents clearly have an eye on the future.

By broadening Black Hawk’s appeal through the development of new amenities, research shows that there is untapped potential to grow the volume of visitors to the area through incremental trips and the creation of new target audiences. By increasing the number of restaurants and non-gaming activities in Black Hawk, the region could expect an estimated $197 million a year in incremental revenues.*

One thousand adults who were inclined to go out for the purpose of entertainment or dining one to five times per week over the previous 12 months were polled.**

  • 84% of respondents surveyed found the concept of the development of an entertainment district in Black Hawk to be somewhat or very appealing.
  • 88% of respondents surveyed said they would be somewhat or very likely to visit an entertainment district in Black Hawk and 74% said they would be somewhat or very likely to visit Black Hawk more often.
  • Of the amenities listed as the primary reasons why respondents would make a special trip to Black Hawk, the following were mentioned most:
    • Non-gaming activities
    • Distilleries, Craft Beers, a Vintner and Tours
    • Variety of Locally Owned and Operated Restaurants
    • Locally Owned and Operated Retail
    • Outdoor Activities
    • Boutique Hotels
    • Food, Wine, Beer & Spirits Festivals
    • Historical Attractions
  • Both gamers and non-gamers alike indicated that in addition to their non-gaming visits, they may be likely to stay and gamble, spending an average of approximately $60 per trip. This represents incremental visits to the area due to the addition of an entertainment district.

*Source: Strategic Plan Black Hawk/Central City Cooperative Marketing Program Development, 2005 
**Source: City of Black Hawk Market Research/Focus Groups, 2013, The Innovation Group

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